Driving school at any age

18 999 Kč

0 driving lessons (12 in addition to regular courses)


50 driving lessons (22 in addition to regular courses)


60 driving lessons (32 in addition to regular courses),

choose your variant

11 hours of individual theory consultations,

First aid course - theory and practice,

vehicle maintenance - theory and practice.

Come and learn to drive ... anytime

Driving school for any age

... And because more and more learners were coming, who, so to speak "born earlier", a very special driving school program was created for any age

After thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years of age ... learning new skills is getting slower and slower ...

Most of you would certainly welcome more driving lessons, deeper practice of some skills (driving into intersections, parking in streets full of cars, parking in supermarkets, driving in the narrow streets of the city center, ramps and exits from the highway) or more lessons of theory.

That's why I decided to create a Driving School program for any age, which I am convinced will fully prepare you for the road traffic  so that nothing will surprise you.

From the beginning, this course was designed to provide its students with enough time so that they could practice everything that might everything in the car as drivers.

At the end of the course, you can choose a magnetic „Z“ sign that suits you best.

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