Let´s start nicely from the beginning again

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Let´s start nicely from the beginning again


Special refresing lessons package for people who have held a licence for a number of years but who may have become a little rusty in their driving…

  • Ten Lessons Package (Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. Normally we drive 2 lessons together.)
  • Theory training according to your needs 
  • First aid course
  • In the end, one sharp test of how you will do in individual driving
  • After completing it, you will choose a magnetic „L“ sign for your car.

Let’s take it nicely from the beginning, we will test during the first lesson what driving skills you have on the beginning of the course.

We will go through all the indicators, knobs and controls around the steering wheel. We will try starts, stops, proper steering wheel rotation and low intensity traffic. Slowly, step by step, we will dust off the whole process of driving.

Approaches to intersections, where and how exactly to approach, smaller and then also larger intersections, roundabouts and

in the end, we will also practise the intersections with trams well.

Parking on the streets and in shopping malls. Motorway entrances and exits, refueling...

In short, everything you need for independent driving...

For our lessons we meet a short distance from the driving school in front of Milady Kaffee

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